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Kerfoot Canopy Tours - Zip Lining Adventures

Being the adventurer and outdoor enthusiast that I am, I'm sure it is shocking to hear that I've never been zip lining before.  When Kerfoot Canopy Tours opened in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, which is only about 45 minutes from my house, I had to try it.

I can hardly say adventurer and outdoor enthusiast with a straight face.  If you read this blog you know I'm deathly afraid of heights and my idea of getting outdoors is sitting outside on a patio at my favorite happy hour bar, enjoying a vodka soda.

The truth is I met two of the "Sky Guides" from Kerfoot Canopy Tours at the Lake Minnetonka Magazine "Best Of" party.  They were really cute and one was super tall, which is my kryptonite. If a tall, handsome stranger asked me to change a tire, despite my lack of know how I'd probably say "My jack or yours?"

My partner in crime, photographer and a true adventurer Sue Craig of Austin Images Photography and I headed out for a zip lining adventure.  We also brought my 14 year old son Jared along.

With a few of the crew from Kerfoot Canopy Tours
A short ride in an ATV took us to the zip lining ground school where we learned the basics before getting started.

There are nine zip lines zig zagging over and through the scenic Minnesota River Valley.  In the 2.5 hours it takes to get through everything, you can expect to experience:

  • A 170 ft suspension bridge.
  • Multiple spiral staircases, this isn't for the weak-kneed.
  • A 1200 ft zip line. You don't see the landing when you zip off.
  • Being 175 ft up in the air going from one tree canopy to another, overlooking deep ravines and beautiful natural areas of the river valley.

Geared up and heading up

What you don't see in these photos is my sheer panic, especially when I had to launch myself off the platform into the abyss.  This might come easy to some of you, but for me you may have well have asked me to jump into a tank full of sharks.  My anxiety was in overdrive, despite the multiple safety precautions that Kerfoot Canopy Tours take.  In reality it's quite safe.

After my cursing debacle while riding in a stunt plane with Lucas Air Show pilot Michael Wiskus, I knew I needed to find a different  way to let my anxiety out.  One that didn't involve screaming "Mother Fuc#*er!" every two seconds.

I had the idea to sing and focus my mind that way, but the only dang song I could think of was "Milkshakes" by Kelis.

So each time I had to launch off of the platform, I'd head out singing at the top of my lungs,

"My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard,
 and they're like it's better than yours
damn right it's better than yours
I could teach you, but I'd have to charge"

For the life of me, I couldn't remember any other song, but this one did the job and got me through it without swearing.  Towards the end the other people on our tour and the sky guide were singing with me as I launched to show their support.

Proud of myself for surviving the 1200 ft zip line.
The 170 ft suspension bridge, majorly freaked me out
Sue and I atop one of the tallest canopys.
Our zip line tour group
Despite my fears, zip lining over and through the Minnesota River Valley with Kerfoot Canopy Tours was an uniquely fun experience.  I'm pretty sure I would even do it again.  My son who is 14 loved it and gives it two thumbs up! 

A big thank you to my partner in crime Sue Craig for once again capturing our adventures through photos, and also for not laughing too hard when she heard "My milshakes bring all the boys to the yard" echoing across the Minnesota River Valley as I zipped through it.

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