Monday, December 12, 2011

What or who is Your Spirit Guide?

In the Hawaiian culture there is something called an aumakua.  Simply put, an aumakua is a spirit guide in the form of an animal or some other part of nature.  The belief is that it is the reincarnation of an ancestor that acts as a spirit guide and protector.  At least this is my understanding of it.  Don't go quoting me in a report on aumakuas or anything.

The American Indians also believe in spirit guides in the form of animals.  Being that I'm both Hawaiian and American Indian, I've been contemplating what or who my spirit guide is, and I've figured it out.

My dwarf crush actor Peter Dinklage
My spirit guide is the North American Dwarf.  Now, hear me out;  Being friends with a dwarf has been on my bucket list for sometime.  As is the case with a spirit guide, I run into dwarfs during times of needed protection, like when I travel.

Just a month or so ago I was in New York.  I walked out of my hotel for the first time and boom, walked by a dwarf.  I immediately knew I was protected and would have a safe trip.

The same thing has happened in Seattle, New Orleans and even Europe.  I seem to run into more dwarfs when I travel than any other time.

Despite my strong affinity for my spirit guide, friendship with one continues to elude me.  I'm wondering if it isnt' because dwarfs are meant to be my spirit guide and not my friend?  Hmmmm.....

Regardless, I'm totally into dwarf and actor Peter Dinklage.  If anyone knows him contact me.  If I'm going to have a dwarf buddy, I think it should be Peter.

Who or what is your spirit guide?

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Leialoha said...

Sorry, I don't know Peter, but maybe we come from the same ohana line....Mahalo for making me laugh my Okole off!